Thursday, August 9, 2012

So Major.

Rachel Zoe has quickly become a fashion icon.  She participates in just about every facet of the fashion world.  She started as a celebrity stylist, currently has her own TV show, wrote a book on style, has a daily e-newletter:  The Zoe Report, and now has created her own fashion line.  She is a mastermind of this business.

I was so fortunate to see her present her Fall 2012 line at the Downtown Seattle Nordstrom last night.  What an amazing experience!  Her line is all about MENSWEAR!  Her fall line is made up of gorgeous tailored pieces that are fit for a woman's body but have the menswear appeal without becoming too androgynous.

Check it out below!

Above is an amazing gown that Zoe claims is her take on animal print.  She said she was tired of the basic print and wanted to transform it into something "Major:"  Stunning.

Simple sweater dress with leather jacket and tights.  All Purple!  Rachel says that she enjoys the idea of a look in all one color in different textures - it is interesting.  I totally agree with that!  She also said to try this look start small - start with simply matching tights to your top or dress for a really fun look.

**Please check out those thigh-high boots. MMMM YUMMY!  Rachel says these were her "slippers" while pregnant. :)

This is personally one of my favorite looks of her line.  I am obsessed with a good fitted suit.  The emerald green top with a bow-tie is flawless and the wool and fur coat adds just the right amount of glamour to an otherwise masculine inspired look.  LOVE.

The perfect topper.  Enough said.  (P.S.  It is hard to tell but this is the same monochromatic themed look:  Green Topper and Green Tights.)

Sequin evening look with a dramatic slit.

Another one of my favorites!  Rachel said this look was inspired by the 1960's Rock n Roll.  She asked herself if Paul McCartney and Mick Jagger were girls what would they wear??  This is what she came up with.  Leather bell bottom pants, a fitted white button up, and an incredible blazer with gold overlay.

The perfect suit.  Skinny pants and a fitted blazer.  These could be worn as separates or together.

And finally, Ms. Rachel Zoe herself.  It was so amazing watching her present this line.  I already have a shopping basket full of my DREAM items. 
(The piece she is wearing is a jumpsuit from her Fall 2012 line.)

*Rachel said if you ever see me stop designing jumpers or there are no sequins in my collection - you know I have left the building.

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