Friday, June 29, 2012

Palazzo and Chambray.

Yesterday was the first day of my internship!  I am interning in the Accessories and Sunglasses department at Nordstrom.  I am so excited for this opportunity and the chance to dress up and head to corporate every once in a while! :)

Throughout the summer there will be a handful of classes that the interns will participate in at the Seattle Headquarters.  Yesterday was the start of those classes.  I wanted to be cute and comfortable (like always) wearing loose pants, a bow-tied top, and my made-for-walking platforms.

Necklace from Anthropologie.  (Featured in previous post.)

Halogen silk palazzo pants from Nordstrom (similar but not printed).  Kork-Ease platform.

Chambray top from Nordstrom, vintage rings to the left and Faith ring from Nordstrom to the right.  Essie Clambake Polish.

Happy Friday!! :)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Little Sparkle.

Sometimes a little sparkle is all you need.  Today I wore a basic cotton T, with a high-waisted, royal blue, midi skirt, a pair of sling-back wedges, and this gorgeous collar necklace.

The sparkle of this necklace was the center of my look and has become a staple in my wardrobe. I encourage everyone to invest in a few pieces of statement jewelry that are versatile yet bold enough to center an outfit around.  Such a fun way to dress up an look. :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Janssen and I spent Monday together (by chance we were off the same day!) in Seattle.  I am a huge fan of Beecher's Handmade Cheese at Pikes Place and I was shocked when I found out Janssen had never been!  It was on our agenda for the day.
It was a rather cold day, and yes it is June and I am not happy about this weather.  I decided to wear comfortable jeans, my best city flats, a light top and jacket to conquer our day in the city.  Simple, comfortable, and a pop of color.

Gap Trench (old but similar),  BP Nordstrom Top (similar), Gap Boyfriend Jean (similar), Sam Edelman Flats, Bow via Anthropologie, Kate Spade Bag (similar).

Love the scallop edge on this top!

My pepper macaroni and cheese.

Janssen's dungeness crab sandwich with flagship cheese.

Top Pot for dessert of course. :)

Such a fun day in Seattle.  If you are not from the area and decide to visit, Beecher's and Top Pot are two must stop spots!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Ells.

This is the project that I mentioned in the Twix Bar post.  My boyfriend and his band (our group of best friends) :) filmed acoustic versions of their songs for an upcoming gig.  Their band is called "The Ells" and they are just starting to get things going.

Their Facebook page should be up and running soon so you can check out their latest videos that look sooo amazing, if I do say so myself! [Link provided below.]

We shot the session in the attic at Janssen's house.  The Ells set up all of their equipment for an acoustic show and had a blast filming at playing live in a tiny wooden attic.  The wooden and rustic features of the room added a great ambiance to the film!

I will keep band info updated on my blog so keep checking back, but for now here is a fun shot I took at the filming of the acoustic session!

Check out the music video's on Youtube!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

DIY Americana Shorts.

"Vintage Americana" has been the talk of the town this past month.  I love this trend!!  I am a proud American and what better trend to have with the 4th of July approaching.  I have created an inspiration board on Polyvore of all things Americana.  

With all of this inspiration floating around I have had my eye on the lookout for some Americana gear.  I came across this DIY project on the Free People Blog and I had to try it out.

First I went to Urban Exchange, a local consignment store, and picked up a pair of jeans that could be easily cut into shorts.  I was looking for a lighter wash to create a more vintage look. 

This is a really easy project and there are only a few needed items.  Painter's tape, a stencil, cardboard (to lay under shorts in order to prevent paint from bleeding through) fabric paint, and a pair of shorts!

I started with the stripes.  Lay down the painters tape in the desired width of stripes.

Use fabric paint and spray away!

Leave tape on the shorts until dry.  Next on the to stars.

I found it easiest to spray paint onto a pallet and use a paint brush to fil in the stencil.  If you spray the paint first it will bleed under the stencil and you will end up with a blob instead of a star!

You can touch up the edges with a small paintbrush.

Tadah - final product!!  I love the look, very vintage Americana.  I will for sure be wearing these on the fourth, with a tan wedge and loose white tank!

Homemade Twix Bars.

Ok, so I really am NOT a baker.  As much as I pretend (I am fantastic at pretending) it's just is not in my genes.  Honestly, it makes me really sad.  My grandma has owned a restaurant for over 25 years and was popular beyond belief for her homemade desserts.  I dont even want to start to talk about my mother, incredibly talented in the kitchen! - just check out her blog and you will see for yourself.

I have a confession.   I have tried this recipe before and it DID NOT TURN OUT. (that even may be an understatement.)  The thing is, I have a problem reading the recipe beforehand.  I get about 3/4 of the way through and I realize, shit, I don't have a candy thermometer.... What is a candy thermometer??

I thought I would give this recipe another shot.  This time I thoroughly read the recipe (for the most part - keep reading and you will see my mistake.)  I purchased all of the correct ingredients, made sure I read every step, twice, and I did not multitask.  Guess what?  They turned out!!

And Oh My GOSHH they were so delicious.  I followed this recipe and brought them over to my favorite boys for a midnight snack. :)

One thing that I have learned is to do your best to use all of the proper ingredients.  In my mind I think, does regular white flour versus cake flour really make a difference?  It makes all of the difference in the world!  Just try it.  

Also, I decided to spend a couple extra dollars and buy Lyle's Golden Syrup instead of regular corn syrup - you will notice a difference.

**Fresh lemon is wayyyy better than lemon juice in the bottle....
***Please buy Fairtrade Certified chocolate - watch this documentary and you will understand why.

I discovered this tip from the Joy the Baker Cookbook.  If you are impatient like me, then you can chop up your almost softened butter into cubes to help speed up the process.  For this recipe, butter straight from the refrigerator was not going to work so this shortcut really helped out!

Shortbread in process!

Fresh lemon juice goes into the carmel.  I used this vintage Sunkist juicer my grandmother gave me!

My sweet candy thermometer. :)

**Ok, if you are still reading this is where I did not thoroughly read the directions.  The lovely carmel with the glistening sea salt needs to set for two hours in the refrigerator!  Oops, I sorta made plans to help those boys I was talking about on a music project.  I just took the Twix with me, popped it in their fridge and finished it there! 

The final product!  A little messy but delicious!

More to come on the music project I was helping my boyfriend and the boys with.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Details of a Lazy Day.

Sometimes I forget to let myself sit down and take a breath.  Between school, work, family and friends there is little room left for any alone time.  I love living life this way! - but until this past week when I received some unexpected time off from work, my spring quarter of school just ended, and I was left alone in my apartment with nothing to do, did I release how much I needed this break!

I have spent my mini vacation baking, cleaning, and walking around my cozy little home wearing fuchsia lipstick and high heels.  (Baking and DIY projects soon to come!)

I am loving this new necklace from Francesca's Collections, a store I had never shopped in before.  To my surprise they actually have great stylish jewelry at reasonable prices.  Check out their jewelry here!

Here I am wearing some my grandmother's jewelry and a random bangle.  Also, for the first time I tried the Nail Art stickers, in Tiger, from Sephora.  They do not last as long as I hoped, but they are such a fun look!

With all of my down time I have finally been catching up on the issues of Nylon and Vogue that are stacking up beside my bed!  The books above are my most trusted style guides and inspiration ideas.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


These girls are simply fabulous, end of story.  There is something special about growing up with American icons such as these two.  I have expressed my appreciation and admiration for their sense of style leadership here, but I have absolute respect for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen for the women they have become today and the decisions they have made with the constant pressure of the spot light.

Today is their birthday!  Born in 1986 they are now turning 26.  Take a look at the pictures below in reflection of all that they have accomplished in their lifetime.  

*This is an adorable picture of the girls and reminds me of the hours I spent watching Full House as a child.

*Also, in elementary school, I obsessed over all of the films they made.  The picture above is from the movie, New York Minute, which was actually the last film they worked on together.  How can you not love it??

*At just age 17, the twins recieved their Hollywood Walk of Fame Star.

*The twins began starting to show an interest in designer fashion by modeling for major labels.  They now design their own labels, The Row and Elizabeth and James, both extremely successful.

*The two images above are taken from Vogue Archive from the March 2011 Issue. 

*You can always count on Mary-Kate and Ashely to have baggy sweaters and bug-eye glasses - exactly what I wish I was wearing RIGHT NOW.

*The above three images are from Vogue's Best Dressed 2011 Issue.

*Their most current project was publishing a book.  Check out Influence, it is flawless.
Happy Birthday Mary-Kate and Ashley!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What to buy Dad?

Is is just me or are dad's extremelyyy hard to shop for??

My dad is not into style or fashion, he is pretty much bare bones when it comes to styling.  This makes things difficult because I do love to shop for him.  I feel like my dad already has a million gadgets and does he really another iPad cover?  

When it comes to Father's Day I want to get him something he will love and actually enjoy.

These men are difficult!

I have put together a mix of items that my dad will love, (I hope!)  He is laid back, athletic, and outdoorsy.  I have included the classic tie and grooming set which are traditional go to gift ideas, as well as a few fun items.

Across the Top:  Valentino Silk Tie, the signature Father's Day gift with an stylish twist.  Nordstrom Ten Piece Watch Box, practical for the organized dad.  Maple Planks for grilling, for the outdoorsy dad.

Middle:  Jack Black "King of the Road" Set, perfect for the traveling business man.

My dad travels frequently for work and I have purchased Jack Black products for him numerous times.  Jack Black makes quality grooming products just for men.  This particular set of products is a fabulous gift because the bottles are conveniently travel size and allow Dad to sample them all!

Across the Bottom:  UGG Tasman Slipper, an item every man needs. Nike Sportwatch with GPS, great for athletic dad's on the run!  Classic Collegiate Polo.  This is an easy gift for my dad or any sports fan!

*Hope this gift guide helps and good luck shopping for your dad!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Concert Attire.

Last night Janssen and I went to see a couple of our best friends play a concert.  They have been on the road for two months and were ending the tour with a final show in Seattle!  It is always so fun to see them play because they are all so talented! 

*The picture above was their set on stage.  They took old suitcases and stacked them high, then wrapped rope lights all around.  It was a very cozy and artsy vibe.

The best part of going out to a show???  Picking out what to wear!! :)

For the concert I chose something comfortable and colorful.  Also, it can get really hot in small venues so I wanted to make sure my outfit was versatile enough to handle the heat inside and a chilly Seattle night outside.  I opted for a cotton tank, sheer floral robe, and stretchy skinnies!

Bellatrix Chiffon Robe.  Frenchi Tank (similar). BP at Nordstrom Necklace.  Vigoss Mint Green Skinnies.  Thrifted Belt.  Grandpa's old watch.  Dad's old ring.  Steve Madden Wedge (similar).  Marc by Marc Jacobs Crossbody Bag.

Carman rocking out and singing along on his guitar.

Harrison rocking out on the drums.  Check out that hair!! :)

The original lead singer, Rachel, is currently out sick for a while so Stevie is the new singer filling in for her.  She has such an amazing voice!  Check out the music on their website!