Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Peplum Party.

Peplum what??  That's what I thought when I first discovered this trend but oh how I have began to embrace it.  Such a sassy look!!  The peplum is essentially a large ruffle or frill attached to a fitted dress, skirt, or jacket near the waist.  This look could not scream 1980's yearbook any louder, but this spring and summer it is taking on a whole new meaning.

This look is surprisingly easy to wear.  The peplum looks best with a fitted skirt or ultra snug skinnies.  The ruffle flatters the tummy and accentuates that booty!

Take a look at the peplum party happening on the catwalk this S/S 2012:

 (from left to right):  Zac Posen. Celine. Givenchy. Vera Wang.

(from left to right):  Jason Wu. Alexander McQueen. Giles. Vera Wang.

Isn't that Jason Wu look just dreamy?  If only.  Below are a few peplum looks for less!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Weekly Cup: Diane von Furstenberg

Free-spirited, California girl, chic, carefree, fashion-forward, adventurous; these are all words that describe designer Diane von Furstenberg.  Known for her flattering dress designs and fashionable prints, her pieces easily transition from day to night - perfect for the independant girl on the go.

A common misconception of this label is that Diane von Furstenberg is the name of the Belgian-American designer, when in fact her real name is Diane Simone Michelle Halfin.  She formerly named her line Diane, Princess of Furstenberg because she was married to Prince Egon of Furstenberg.  They later divorced in 1972 and was she not legally allowed to use the title "Princess" so she relaunched her brand in 1997 as Diane von Furstenberg, with the introduction of her famous wrap dress.

DVF began designing women's clothing in 1970 with a $30,000 investment.  She is quoted saying, "The minute I knew I was about to be Egon's wife, I decided to have a career.  I wanted to be someone of my own, and not just a plain little girl who got married beyond her desserts."  And she did just that.  Take a look below the amazing color and design her Spring/Summer 2012 line holds.

My favorite looks from this season are the top left corner and the bottom right corner.  The black and white mixed print wrap dress is so chic - classy meets sexy.  This is truly a dress that is versatile for any occasion. The bottom right look is dreamy with the mint green cropped trousers and knit floral top - a look I am absolutely going to try out this spring and summer.  As for the rest of the pieces - pure magic. The femininity of the prints show Diane's true independence and talent for designing clothing for a woman's figure.

If her designs aren't enough check out her amazing fragrance released just this fall.  Also, check out this video to hear her inspiring words on what a fragrance should be.  

"Simplicity and sexiness, that's what people want.  At a price that's not outrageous."  Diane von Furstenberg may be purchased on her website, Nordstrom, Saks, Barney's, Shopbop, and other luxury retailers.

**Sources from Voguepedia.  

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sneak Preview: Diane von Furstenberg

Diane von Furstenberg is a inspiration to all.  If there was one person in the entire world I could choose to meet it would be her.  She is wise and encouraging, and truly gifted in design.

Check out this incredible video, created by Nordstrom, of her take on style.

This is a sneak preview of the upcoming "Weekly Cup." :)


Best Dressed, Wedding Guest.

Summer has not even officially begun and I already have two weddings on the calendar.  I am so excited for both of them.  To be honest, it is a strange feeling attending a close friends wedding.  It is odd to think that I am at the time in my life where this is normal.  My good friends will be moving on from just dating to being married.  It is freaky and exciting at the same time!

The best part of wedding (besides an open bar and cake) is picking out what to wear!  I have created a couple different of looks using Polyvore to help inspire some ideas for the upcoming events.

One of the weddings will be in a historical church on 6th Ave in Tacoma.  It will be an evening wedding and I thought it would be fun to capture the historical elegance that the venue holds.

**This outfit may be in my wildest dreams (due to the lovely cost of each item!) but this is definitely the look I plan on going for. This look is complete with the amazing statement dress. It is complimented by the pop of color from the lip and clutch and is accented by simple jewelry with a fun sandal.

The next wedding on the calendar so far is a wedding on the beach overlooking the sound.  It will be a very relaxed afternoon wedding.  I wanted to create a look that is fun, colorful, and girly.

**Again, this outfit is slightly over my budget.  A girl can dream right??  That Erickson Beamon cuff just makes me drool.  I love this look because it is relaxed enough for an outdoor event and is really colorful and girly without being prissy.  The light blue clutch and polish offset the almost entire pink and coral look.  And, of course, a lady must never leave without her perfume.

Friday, May 18, 2012

DIY Designer Floral Arrangement.

This project was inspired mainly by all of the beautiful floral prints floating down the runway.  (Annnnd partly because every time I see those beautiful bouquets of fresh flowers at Pike's Place Market my heart breaks at the price!)

I wanted to see if I could create a floral arrangement that replicated the prints seen on the runway.  Some of the looks that inspired my project were from Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2012, here, and here, and Valentino Spring/Summer 2012here, and here

I went to Metropolitan Market, one of my favorite local markets, to pick out some fresh flowers.
This is when I ran into my first problem:  too many choices!

I finally settled on pink peonies, light blue and white hydrangeas, and this adorable, sunny yellow, flower that I have no clue what its name is!  If anyone knows, feel free to fill me in.

Here are some steps that I took in creating a designer inspired floral arrangement. 
You will need:  
1.  Flowers (water)
2.  Scissors
3.  A glass jar or vase (I used an old sauce jar)
4.  Tissue paper
5.  A rubberband or ribbon

Step 1:  Make sure you cut your stems to appropriate lengths.  Depending on the position or the flower the stems may need to be different lengths.

Step 2:  Begin arranging your flowers.  I had no specific plan - I just began putting pieces where I felt they needed to be.  I noticed that crisscrossing the flowers and inserting them at a diagonal angle helped to keep them in place.

Step 3:  Once the flowers are set in the postion that looks good to you (I enjoy a not so perfected look) take four pieces of tissue paper and lay them down crisscross two by two.

Step 4:  Pull the tissue paper up to the top of the mason jar and tie with a rubber band.  I crinkled my tissue at the top to give some character and trimmed some corners as well.  This gives the flowers a "fresh picked" flower look and hides the stems and dingy water.

**The finished product!  I am very happy about the way it turned out and I feel that it emulates the looks I have seen on the runways very clearly.  The best part of the project?  It fills my entire apartment with a beautiful smell!!

*Adapted from this video.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Feeling Summer.

Summer could not come soon enough.  I love the sun!!  Here are a few items from my closet that I am getting ready to rock this summer.

Bright Blue tie-die silk scarf (similar).  Kork-Ease sandal.  MAC lipstick (similar). Bow.

Vintage crotchet draw-string bag.  Crafty map door idea from Pinterest.

Kinda in LOVE with this cotton button-up found at a thrift store.
Check out designer look-a-like's from Stella McCartney, Proenza Schouler, here and here,  and Blumarine.

Apartment Accessories.

Interior decorating is most definitely not my strong suit.  No matter how much I try to tell myself otherwise, it just will never be.  
But I try to look at it in terms of accessorizing.  I sure have fun picking out the perfect necklace and hair pin for a dinner date! - so I try to see decorating my apartment the same.  Accessories!  

Miniature ceramic vase from World Market, large enough for only one flower.  (**Vase is sitting on my great grandma's antique vanity stool!)  

Fun garland (West Elm) strung from a window. 

Current art project in the sunroom!  I chose all of the colors that I currently cannot get enough of and blurred them together with acrylic paint and water on the biggest canvas I could buy at the art store. :)
I am thinking this will go in my dining room.  

World Market Spanish Cookbook with some seriously incredible recipes.  I cannot wait to attempt the seafood paellas on the cover!

Large, unfinished, wooden ladder given to me by my mom.  I hung it on the wall above the entertainment center and decorated it with tea lights.

A few really amazing garage sales finds from last summer are being displayed on top of a antique hutch.  Love the initials on the leather suitcase and below is National Geographic's Atlas of the World. (**The Atlas I bought for $1!!)
I cannot wait for garage sales to start popping up.


What are some of your favorite home Accessories?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I have mentioned this before, but I LOVE exploring my city.  Wherever I may be there is something special about exploring and trying new places in your very own city.

Last night Janssen and I went to Poquito's Mexican Restaurant on Capitol Hill in Seattle. (**I have to add that this was after he got his very first tattoo!) 

We spend a lot of time on Capitol Hill because there are endless activities to do - we never get bored.   Every time we come to this district we pass Poquito's and it is always filled with people and loud music.  We decided to try it and it was just as fun as it looked!

Poquito's is known for their homemade tortillas and fresh margaritas.  I was very excited when I read on the menu that Poquito's purchases their meat and produce locally!  We were very pleased with the food, service, and the environment.  If you are ever in the area make sure to check this place out!

Great artistic lighting that compliments the brick archway.

Neon dancing Mariachi Man that very clearly shows passers-by Poquito's location.

I ordered the Purest Margarita made with fresh lime juice. YUM!
Dress, BP Nordstrom.  Vintage watch and bracelet.  Juicy Sunglasses (hard to see in picture.)


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy for Hats

A reoccurring trend on the Spring runway this year was hats.  No particular style or look, just hats.  Personally, I am embracing this trend.  A colorful or unique hat is such a fun and easy way to spice up a casual look.

Take a look at some of the designers that are initiating this look.

Christian Dior.
*Love the preppy aspect of this hat.  The half-fold ads a mysterious and suggestive element as well.

Jil Sander.
*A new take on feminine, vintage lace.

Burberry Prorsum.
*Fun, fresh, flirty, take on the classic baseball cap.

Ralph Lauren.
*Romantic, sweet, soft.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The MET Gala 2012

I had a dream last night, it was the most amazing dream.  I was at the 2012 MET Gala.  I was wearing DVF and I was walking down the red carpet, squinting my eyes from all of the flashing cameras.
I felt a tap on my shoulder and it was Diane herself standing right next to me.  She asked to take a picture together, I said yes, my pleasure.  We smiled and posed and walked into the Gala together.

OK YES I AM DREAMING.  Wow....  What I would do to be at the most amazing, extravagant, historical, fashion event of the year.

Who knows, maybe one day. :)

The Gala, hosted annually by Vogue,  is considered by many to be the best fashion event of the year.  Starting in 1948, it has become a top social event for the socialites and celebrities of New York City.  Anna Wintour, of Vogue manages the guest list.  Tickets for this event range anywhere from $5000 to $15000 dollars!!  Each year there is a new theme and this year the Gala welcomed "Impossible Conversations" to the Metropolitan Museum.

Here is my best dressed list from good to great:

Chloe Sevigny in Mui Mui.
Very 60's Gogo Girl - something inside of me loves it.

Dakota Fanning in Louis Vuitton.
Understated elegance.  The texture is to die for.

Heidi Klum in Escada.
First off Heidi is killing it!  Check out that floor length lace with a slit.  I must note that Heidi is wearing over 185 carat's of Lorraine Schwartz!!

Diane Kruger in Prada.
This dress literally makes my mouth water.  My mind is racing so fast trying to imagine where in the world I could where a dress like this!! The color does it and she is styled to perfection.  Hint:  Gorgeous necklace, simple bracelet, and contrasting clutch.

Carrie Mulligan in Prada.
I had to show the front and back of this dress - the back practically makes the looks.  Speechless, Flawless, Perfection.

Jaime King in Topshop.
Topshop?  Yes! Topshop!  It is always so exciting to see affordable designers show up on the runway because it makes me think, hmmm, I could do that!  Giniffer Goodwin wore Topshop to the 2011 MET Gala.  I really do enjoy the color of this dress and the way that it was styled with the geometric clutch and embellished choker.  

***From here on it gets GREAT!
Lily Collins in Valentino.
WOW! Where to start?  First off, the berry lip and tiny bow belt are adorable!  The sheer lace over the pale floral slip and the movement in the skirt is just too romantic for her own good.  This is a pure work of art.  I also love that she wore her hair up in a simple bun to show off the mini mock neck made of lace.  

Camilla Belle in Ralph Lauren.
This dress is heavenly.  The sheer shoulder detail is magical and it creates this look that the dress is glued to her body.  It has the illustration of sequins and sparkle without going overboard (like so many of the red carpet dresses this year.)  The dark burgundy lip is such a great edgy contrast with ever elegant gown.  Way to go Camilla and Ralph! 

Giniffer Goodwin in Monique Lhuillier.
Giniffer is a diva.  She consistently rocks the red carpet.  The contrast of colors with her lightly tanned skinned, extra dark hair, and punch of color is effortlessly chic.  I love that she let the dress (and that NECKLINE) speak for itself by keeping her accessories and makeup minimal.

Gwyneth Paltro in Prada.
Gwyneth how old are you??  She pulls this off FLAWLESSLY.  How does she do it? is all I can think. Ultra short mini with asymmetric hem, satin dress which I am sure is very unforgiving, extreme side cleavage that is subtly sexy - she is a rockstar to say the least!

**Just had to show her shoes.  Gwyneth hands down wins Best Shoes of the Night Award!  Dreamy.

Emma Stone in Lanvin.
Emma Stone has transformed into a major style icon.  The past few years she has figured something out because she is now setting the trends.  This Lanvin ensemble is absolutely stunning.  The color, shape, and TEXTURE are to die for.  But I have to add the way that she styled this piece is the reason that I think she was Best Dressed of the Night.  

Her adorable updo is complimented by a simple yet fun hair accessory that give a very youthful feel.  She is not wearing earrings, bracelets, a necklace, anything!  Which I think is perfect because she is truly letting the dress speak for itself yet complimenting the amazing detail with a great platform black pump.  Emma is rocking her fun look with a great smile.