Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What to buy Dad?

Is is just me or are dad's extremelyyy hard to shop for??

My dad is not into style or fashion, he is pretty much bare bones when it comes to styling.  This makes things difficult because I do love to shop for him.  I feel like my dad already has a million gadgets and does he really another iPad cover?  

When it comes to Father's Day I want to get him something he will love and actually enjoy.

These men are difficult!

I have put together a mix of items that my dad will love, (I hope!)  He is laid back, athletic, and outdoorsy.  I have included the classic tie and grooming set which are traditional go to gift ideas, as well as a few fun items.

Across the Top:  Valentino Silk Tie, the signature Father's Day gift with an stylish twist.  Nordstrom Ten Piece Watch Box, practical for the organized dad.  Maple Planks for grilling, for the outdoorsy dad.

Middle:  Jack Black "King of the Road" Set, perfect for the traveling business man.

My dad travels frequently for work and I have purchased Jack Black products for him numerous times.  Jack Black makes quality grooming products just for men.  This particular set of products is a fabulous gift because the bottles are conveniently travel size and allow Dad to sample them all!

Across the Bottom:  UGG Tasman Slipper, an item every man needs. Nike Sportwatch with GPS, great for athletic dad's on the run!  Classic Collegiate Polo.  This is an easy gift for my dad or any sports fan!

*Hope this gift guide helps and good luck shopping for your dad!


  1. I would also recommend anything from Cabelas for the outdoor Dad... Especially since I now own most of these items thanks to my beautiful daughter:) I use the Jack Black products all the time and love the Ugg slippers!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment, I cannot believe I forgot the Cabelas gear!