Monday, June 4, 2012

Details of a Cloudy Day.

Summer is getting closer and closer but I feel that the weather is going the opposite direction!  Today was one of those grey and cloudy Seattle days.  I embraced the weather with my outfit by turning to my comfiest loafers and most trusted T and sweater.

I took my very last final of Spring Quarter today.  I feel so relieved!  Then the rest of the day I spent reading a new magazine and baking apple crisp! :)  

Annnnd today is Monday - gotta love Bachelorette girls night.  I can't help it. 

Grandpa's old Guess watch (similar) and Grandma's opal cuff (similar).

Outfit details below.

Seattle Magazine and my new favorite organic Sweet Leaf Tea.

Urban Outfitters Maxi Sweater (similar), Splendid striped T (dress version here, the T sold out!), 

View of Commencement Bay from my apartment.
I think tomorrow will bring the sun. :)


  1. very cute and comfy outfit for a rainy day!:)
    xx Kate

  2. thanks so much for your comment! :)

  3. I love your outfit and your hair is so cute! What is the brand of your purse?

    1. ooohh thank you lady its kate spade;)