Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Ells.

This is the project that I mentioned in the Twix Bar post.  My boyfriend and his band (our group of best friends) :) filmed acoustic versions of their songs for an upcoming gig.  Their band is called "The Ells" and they are just starting to get things going.

Their Facebook page should be up and running soon so you can check out their latest videos that look sooo amazing, if I do say so myself! [Link provided below.]

We shot the session in the attic at Janssen's house.  The Ells set up all of their equipment for an acoustic show and had a blast filming at playing live in a tiny wooden attic.  The wooden and rustic features of the room added a great ambiance to the film!

I will keep band info updated on my blog so keep checking back, but for now here is a fun shot I took at the filming of the acoustic session!

Check out the music video's on Youtube!