Wednesday, June 13, 2012


These girls are simply fabulous, end of story.  There is something special about growing up with American icons such as these two.  I have expressed my appreciation and admiration for their sense of style leadership here, but I have absolute respect for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen for the women they have become today and the decisions they have made with the constant pressure of the spot light.

Today is their birthday!  Born in 1986 they are now turning 26.  Take a look at the pictures below in reflection of all that they have accomplished in their lifetime.  

*This is an adorable picture of the girls and reminds me of the hours I spent watching Full House as a child.

*Also, in elementary school, I obsessed over all of the films they made.  The picture above is from the movie, New York Minute, which was actually the last film they worked on together.  How can you not love it??

*At just age 17, the twins recieved their Hollywood Walk of Fame Star.

*The twins began starting to show an interest in designer fashion by modeling for major labels.  They now design their own labels, The Row and Elizabeth and James, both extremely successful.

*The two images above are taken from Vogue Archive from the March 2011 Issue. 

*You can always count on Mary-Kate and Ashely to have baggy sweaters and bug-eye glasses - exactly what I wish I was wearing RIGHT NOW.

*The above three images are from Vogue's Best Dressed 2011 Issue.

*Their most current project was publishing a book.  Check out Influence, it is flawless.
Happy Birthday Mary-Kate and Ashley!



  1. i adore them, they are so fab

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Lessie!