Thursday, June 14, 2012

Details of a Lazy Day.

Sometimes I forget to let myself sit down and take a breath.  Between school, work, family and friends there is little room left for any alone time.  I love living life this way! - but until this past week when I received some unexpected time off from work, my spring quarter of school just ended, and I was left alone in my apartment with nothing to do, did I release how much I needed this break!

I have spent my mini vacation baking, cleaning, and walking around my cozy little home wearing fuchsia lipstick and high heels.  (Baking and DIY projects soon to come!)

I am loving this new necklace from Francesca's Collections, a store I had never shopped in before.  To my surprise they actually have great stylish jewelry at reasonable prices.  Check out their jewelry here!

Here I am wearing some my grandmother's jewelry and a random bangle.  Also, for the first time I tried the Nail Art stickers, in Tiger, from Sephora.  They do not last as long as I hoped, but they are such a fun look!

With all of my down time I have finally been catching up on the issues of Nylon and Vogue that are stacking up beside my bed!  The books above are my most trusted style guides and inspiration ideas.


  1. your bangles are beautiful and I loved your Olsens post!
    xx Kate

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment Kate!