Wednesday, April 18, 2012

21st Birthday: Part 2

Briefly mentioned in my previous post, I am really into exploring the city in which I live in.  There is something special about trying new places, going on new adventures, and just exploring areas you may have never seen before that are right in your own backyard.

My boyfriend definitely knows this about me, in fact we share this interest.  This is most likely why he planned an amazing adventure for my birthday.  He would not tell me a thing about what we were doing, which of course drove me nuts because I  was dying to know what he had planned.  I thought he may have planned a dinner cruise or something of that kind when we pulled up to the docks at Lake Union, but everything changed when we parked right below an enormous billboard for Seaplanes.

This is a view from our seat, just two rows behind the seat of the pilot.  It felt like we were in the pilot's cockpit with him.

Beautiful Seattle from the seaplane!

Thank you Janssen for making my birthday so special, one I will never forget.

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