Thursday, April 26, 2012


Wow. What an amazing experience to say the least!! The show was a total jaw dropper from the amazing laser lights, millions of sparkling confetti pieces shooting from canons, twinkling wristbands that were all given to the audience upon arriving, and of course Chris Martin's impeccable dance moves!

My boyfriend and I were blown away.  We were especially impressed with the overall production.  Like I mentioned each person in the audience was give a funky wristband and when Coldplay came on they would light up and the entire arena was glowing - it looked like outer-space! During one song giant blowup world globes fell from the ceiling, there were giant blow up neon animals that approached the top sections of the arena and hung over the balcony.  There were countless surprises throughout the show that only added to the amazing performance of the actual music.

Check out some fun instagram pics!

Check out all of that confetti!!

In the middle of the show the band decided to relocate.  They ended up being five rows from our seats!

Fun little frametastic shot. :)

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