Thursday, May 24, 2012

Best Dressed, Wedding Guest.

Summer has not even officially begun and I already have two weddings on the calendar.  I am so excited for both of them.  To be honest, it is a strange feeling attending a close friends wedding.  It is odd to think that I am at the time in my life where this is normal.  My good friends will be moving on from just dating to being married.  It is freaky and exciting at the same time!

The best part of wedding (besides an open bar and cake) is picking out what to wear!  I have created a couple different of looks using Polyvore to help inspire some ideas for the upcoming events.

One of the weddings will be in a historical church on 6th Ave in Tacoma.  It will be an evening wedding and I thought it would be fun to capture the historical elegance that the venue holds.

**This outfit may be in my wildest dreams (due to the lovely cost of each item!) but this is definitely the look I plan on going for. This look is complete with the amazing statement dress. It is complimented by the pop of color from the lip and clutch and is accented by simple jewelry with a fun sandal.

The next wedding on the calendar so far is a wedding on the beach overlooking the sound.  It will be a very relaxed afternoon wedding.  I wanted to create a look that is fun, colorful, and girly.

**Again, this outfit is slightly over my budget.  A girl can dream right??  That Erickson Beamon cuff just makes me drool.  I love this look because it is relaxed enough for an outdoor event and is really colorful and girly without being prissy.  The light blue clutch and polish offset the almost entire pink and coral look.  And, of course, a lady must never leave without her perfume.

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