Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Portland. Part 2, Wine Tasting.



**Side note, wine makes me reallyyy tired.

Yes, I will admit, I fell asleep on the drive back from the Willamette Valley to our hotel in Portland.  But, wow, what an amazing trip.  The rolling vineyards are beyond beautiful.  I discovered throughout the tastings that I am a huge fan of dry riesling with a crisp pino nior close behind.

Check out some of the pics of the adventure below.

First stop Erath, one of my moms favorite wineries.  Here we tasted 6 wines - 3 white, 3 red.  I learned a lot from the tasting room director, Addie.  Always remember to hold chilled wine by the stem, the warmth of your hand will warm the wine.  White wines should be typically served chilled.  If the skins are left on the grapes it can change the color or taste of the wine!

The above wine is a dry riesling - I ended up purchasing a bottle of this.  Erath no longer makes this wine and they found one last crate of it recently from 2006 when they stopped making it so they are selling off the rest!

Next up:  Bergstrom!  This is my dad's favorite winery.  The setting was beautiful.  We brought our lunch up here, ate, sipped wine, and enjoyed the view.

A Bergstom we were able to tour the barrel room!

*Thought I would throw in a pic of the view from the balcony of our room. :)


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