Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Portland. Part 1, Shopping.

Wow.  What a weekend!  The morning after the Coldplay concert my mom and I took off for our weekend in Portland.  My dad met us the the next day to help us celebrate our birthdays.  The weekend was full of shopping, wine tasting, good food, and surprises!

This was such a great adventure and there were so many amazing shops and restaurants that I want to share that I must break this "Portland Post" into 3 parts.  The first will be the shopping!!  Part 2 - Wine Tasting, and Part 3 - Food.

Let's start this post with a few images from the train that my mom and I took to Portland!  The train is such a great way to travel.  Time flies because you can explore, grab lunch, read, talk, whatever! It is such a pretty view too.  Here are some pics!

View from the observation deck on the train.

Fun, past-time, local reading.

This was an adorable little store featuring only local Portland designers.  I was really into their selection of readers.  Check it out online at Radish.

I have heard so many great reviews about Blow Dry Bar's.  It was a must do on this Portland trip.  We went to Blowout downtown Pearl District.  My mom got the All Natural and I chose the Divalicious.  It was so much fun and we left with silky smooth and voluminous hair.


Adorable handmade paper in Chinatown.


Powell's was also on the must visit list.  Imagine this:  3 stories of BOOKS.  Every topic you could ever image.  10 rows of COOBOOKS, amazing selection of fashion illustrations books, and my boyfriend especially enjoyed the photography and video section.


Powell's even has their own coffee shop attached where they roast they own organic beans.  If you are ever in Portland, you cannot leave without visiting here first.

My beautiful mother while shopping in Pearl District.  Happy Birthday Mom!! Check out her fabulous blog here!


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