Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Apartment Accessories.

Interior decorating is most definitely not my strong suit.  No matter how much I try to tell myself otherwise, it just will never be.  
But I try to look at it in terms of accessorizing.  I sure have fun picking out the perfect necklace and hair pin for a dinner date! - so I try to see decorating my apartment the same.  Accessories!  

Miniature ceramic vase from World Market, large enough for only one flower.  (**Vase is sitting on my great grandma's antique vanity stool!)  

Fun garland (West Elm) strung from a window. 

Current art project in the sunroom!  I chose all of the colors that I currently cannot get enough of and blurred them together with acrylic paint and water on the biggest canvas I could buy at the art store. :)
I am thinking this will go in my dining room.  

World Market Spanish Cookbook with some seriously incredible recipes.  I cannot wait to attempt the seafood paellas on the cover!

Large, unfinished, wooden ladder given to me by my mom.  I hung it on the wall above the entertainment center and decorated it with tea lights.

A few really amazing garage sales finds from last summer are being displayed on top of a antique hutch.  Love the initials on the leather suitcase and below is National Geographic's Atlas of the World. (**The Atlas I bought for $1!!)
I cannot wait for garage sales to start popping up.


What are some of your favorite home Accessories?

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