Monday, May 7, 2012

Portland. Part 3, Food.

Ok, now to the good stuff.  This is easily the best part of Portland, besides the SHOPPING of course.  My family and I ate at so many amazing local restaurants - a lot of happy hour due to the fact that I am finally 21. Hooray!  I will highlight a few of my favorite places below.

1.  Papa Haydn's - N 23rd Street.
N 23rd street is a really fun area with great local shopping and restaurants.  It has a very hipster vibe and seems to be a popular place to hang around.  While exploring my mom and I  passed this restaurant with adorable white paned windows and bright yellow walls inside - we then thought it might be time for happy hour. :)

Goat cheese and local mushroom pizza.

Blueberry infused amaretto and mint mojito.

Delicious garlic fries.

2.  Red Hills Market - Willamette Valley.
The Red Hills Market was easily my favorite place we ate at.  My mom, dad, and I stopped here to get lunch while wine tasting and we all fell in love.  This market sells local cheese, wine, coffee, etc, and specializes in sandwiches, soups, and pizza's.  I was ecstatic when I saw Skillet's bacon spread - I may not eat it but I was so happy to see a bit a Seattle in the valley.

Cooler of local wine and cheese.

Drink menu on refurbished wine barrel pieces - very Pinterest.

Local whiskey.

3.  Zeus Cafe - Pearl District.
The Zeus Cafe is a very quaint lunch spot owned by McMenamins.  It is located right under a historic hotel downtown.  Janssen and I stopped her for lunch and just enjoyed the sunny day and took in the city around us.

Adorable Janssen with his model face.

Local espresso.

J's lunch:  Water buffalo and chicken salad sandwich with french fries sprinkled with truffle oil.

My lunch:  French onion soup.

4.  Mio Gelato - Pearl District.
Who says you can't have dessert before dinner?  Well we definitely did - we don't really follow those rules.  We visited Mio Gelato in it's brand new location in Pearl District.  YUM.

Almond and Pistacchio.

I had been eyeing this place all weekend.  We must've passed it about 100 times - it is in a prime location, right downtown and across from Powell's Books.  Janssen and I stopped here before heading home for a quick bite of some good pizza.

Caesar salad with homemade vegan dressing and kalamata olive and artichoke pizza.

** THANK YOU Portland for so much delicious food and drinks.  I may have gained a few pounds - it was well worth it.

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